Bhopal-Indore Fast Passenger

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Bhopal–Indore Passenger
Service type passenger
Locale Madhya Pradesh
Current operator(s) West Central Railway
Start Bhopal Junction
End Indore Junction
Distance travelled 292 km (181 mi)
Average journey time 6-7 hours
Service frequency Daily
Train number(s) 59390UP / 59389DN
On-board services
Class(es) First Class, Sleeper 3 Tier, Unreserved
Seating arrangements Yes
Sleeping arrangements Yes
Operating speed 35 km/h (22 mph) average with halts

The Bhopal–Indore Passenger (Hindi: इंदौर) (Also pronounced as Indore Passenger) is an Indian Railways passenger train, which runs between Bhopal Junction railway station of Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and Indore Junction railway station of Indore, the largest city & commercial hub of Central Indian state Madhya Pradesh.

Arrival and departure[edit]

  • Train no.59390 departs from Bhopal, daily at 23:20 hrs., reaching Indore the next day at 04:30 hrs.
  • Train no.59389 departs from Indore daily at 23:30 hrs. from platform no.3 reaching Bhopal the next day at 05:40 hrs.

Route and halts[edit]

The train goes via Ujjain & Maksi. The important halts of the train are:

Coach composite[edit]

The train consist of 18 coaches:

  • 1 First Class
  • 4 Sleeper coaches
  • 10 UnrReserved
  • 1 Ladies/Handicapped
  • 2 Luggage/Brake van

Average speed and frequency[edit]

The train runs with an average speed of 35 km/h. The train runs on daily basis.

Loco link[edit]

The train is hauled by Ratlam RTM WDM-3 Diesel engine.

Rake maintenance & sharing[edit]

The train is maintained by the Indore Coaching Depot. The same rake is used for five trains:

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