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Chicago hardcore outfit the Bhopal Stiffs was formed in 1985 by singers/guitarists Larry Damore and Vince Marine, bassist Steve Saylors, and drummer Dave Schleitwiler. The band name is a reference to an ecological disaster which took place in Bhopal, India in 1984. Honing a melodic, mid-tempo approach very much in tune with the prevailing Windy City punk sound of the period, the group gigged steadily, in time becoming the de facto house band at the Chicago bar Exit. In 1987, the Bhopal Stiffs recorded a ten-song demo tape, with the single "Not Just My Head" following on the Dazit label later that year. Marine exited the lineup in early 1988, with guitarist Ron Lowe stepping in and Larry Damore assuming sole vocal duties; the reconfigured group recorded the six-song E.P.A. record, issued on the Roadkill label. After contributing "Too Much Pain" to the There's a Fungus Among Us compilation, the Bhopal Stiffs disbanded in 1989; Larry Damore and Steve Saylors later formed Pegboy with former Naked Raygun guitarist John Haggerty, while Dave Schleitwiler went on to play drums for local groups Buzzmuscle and The Indicators, amongst others, and Ron Lowe became a recording engineer at the Chicago Recording Company. Harmless Records later compiled the Stiffs' complete recorded output on the CD 1985-1989. The band played reunion shows in 2001 and 2010.


  • Larry Damore - Vocals/Guitar (1985–1989)
  • Vince Marine - Vocals/Guitar (1985–1988)
  • Ron Lowe - Guitar (1988–1989)
  • Steve Saylors - Bass (1985–1989)
  • Dave Schleitwiler - Drums (1985–1989)


  • 10 song demo tape (self-released, 1987)
  • "Not Just My Head" b/w "One Track Head" 7" (Dazit Records, 1987)
  • E.P.A. 12" EP (Roadkill Records, 1988)
  • "Too Much Pain" on the There's A Fungus Amongus 7" compilation (What The Fuck Records, 1989)
  • 1985-1989 CD (Harmless Records, 2001)