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The Bhrigus, also known as the Bhargavas, are a clan of sages descending from the ancient fire-priest Bhrigu. They instituted the ritual of offering the juice of the Soma plant to the old deities. Some of them were also warriors in addition to being priests. The Bhrigus are intimately linked with the composition of the Atharva-Veda & Rig Veda. The gotras Vatsa, Bida, Arshtisena, Daivodasa, and Shaunaka belong to the Bhrigu clan.

The prominent personalities (pravaras) mentioned in the puranas of this clan include: Bhargava, Chyavana, Aapnavaana, Aurava, Jamadagnya (Son of Jamadagni), and Parashurama.

The illustrious Bhrigu was born from Brahma. The learned Shukra is Bhrigu’s son. The planet Shukra (Venus) is named after him. He became the spiritual guide of both the Daityas (enemies of Gods) and the Devas (Gods). Bhrigu begot another illustrious son named Chyavana. Arushi, also known as Sukanya the daughter of Manu, became the wife of Chyavana. From her was begotten Aurava of great reputation. Aurava begot Richika. And Richika begot Jamadagni.[1]