Bhubing Palace

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Bhubing Palace
Thai: พระตำหนักภูพิงคราชนิเวศน์
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Bhubing Palace is located in Chiang Mai Province
Bhubing Palace
Bhubing Palace is located in Thailand
Bhubing Palace
General information
Coordinates18°48′21″N 98°53′52″E / 18.8059°N 98.8977°E / 18.8059; 98.8977Coordinates: 18°48′21″N 98°53′52″E / 18.8059°N 98.8977°E / 18.8059; 98.8977

Bhubing Rajanives Palace (Thai: พระตำหนักภูพิงคราชนิเวศน์, RTGSPhu Phing Ratcha Niwet; also spelled Phuping or Phuphing) is a royal residence in Doi Buak Ha, Muang District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.


It was built in 1961 to accommodate the royal family during state visits to Chiang Mai.[1] There is also a guesthouse for receiving foreign dignitaries. It is built in the mountains overlooking Chiang Mai, to take advantage of the cool mountain air. The rose gardens are particularly famous (Suan Suwaree), with temperate plants grown here that are not commonly found in Thailand.

The palace was built in central Thai architectural style called ruean mu ("group of houses"). The building sits on stilts. The upper floor is the royal residence while the ground floor houses the royal entourage. The building master plan was designed by Prince Samaichalerm Kridagara while the building was designed by Mom Rachawongse Mitrarun Kasemsri. Construction of the palace was undertaken by the Crown Property Bureau, under the supervision of Prince Samaichalerm Kridagara, assisted by Mom Rachawongse Mitrarun Kasemsri and Pradit Yuwapukka. General Luang Kampanath Saenyakorn, the privy councillor, laid the foundation stones at 10:49 on 24 August 1961. Construction took five months. The first royal visitors to stay at the palace were King Frederick IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark on their royal visit to Thailand in January 1962.

The palace is open to the public, except when the royal family is in residence (usually January to March).

Helpful Information[edit]

  • Please be reminded that you are on the palace grounds and noises kept at low level
  • Proper dresses should be worn, no shorts, no dresses showing bare shoulders

Bhubing Palace's clothes service will be cancelled from 1 April 2017.

  • Please do not enter flowers garden or pick the flowers
  • It is prohibited to carry weapons
  • No pets allowed

Tickets sold from 08.30 a.m. – 3.30 p.m. The admission fee is 50 baht for foreigners, 20 baht for Thai adults and 10 baht for children. Temporarily out of Golf cart service


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