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Bhuee/Bhooi/Bhui/Bhooee/Bhuopolus is an Indian Clan name of Greek origin. Typically, Bhuopolus people were carpenters in ancient Greece. In India, Bhuee are categorized as Vishwakarmas, or in North India as a subdivision of Kshatriya/Rajput tribe) clan found in Punjab (India), mostly in Jalandhar, Mohali, Kartarpur, Amritsar, and Chandigarh. Bhuees are of Indo-Scythian and Georgian origin, like some other Kshatriya/Rajput clans. Like most North Indians, Bhuees found their way into India when they accompanied Alexander as his soldiers. The name of the clan is thought to have adopted from an ancient river in Bisaltes region.[1][page needed]


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