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Country  India
State Rajasthan
 • Body Gram panchayat
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
ISO 3166 code RJ-IN

Bhukaredi is a village in Ratangarh tehsil of Churu district in Rajasthan.[1] This village was founded by Bhukar gotra Jats.


A group of Chahuman descendents came to Sambhar in the 9th century. The newly formed Chauhans forced them to move away from this area. Earlier Bhukars and Chauhans were same prior to their consecration of new Hindu religion at Mount Abu. Bhukar people came to Sambhar under the leadership of two brothers Khem Singh and Som Singh. Khem Singh founded the town named 'Hiras' and started increasing his influence in the area. Som Singh went to Jangladesh and founded town named 'Bhukaredi'. After some time they left the village Bhukaredi and moved to village Gothra (Bhukaran) in Sikar district. Presently there is no Bhukar in village Bhukaredi. After many generations some of these people moved towards Panipat in Haryana.


The main caste living in the village is Jats. The Jat gotras in Bhukhredi with number of families are Siyak (50), Bhamu (30), Mahla (30), Fandan (20), Dahiya (10), Karwasra (8), Chilka (5), Barjati (2), Dhayal (2), Punia (1).

Other castes living in this village with number of families are Brahman (50), Rajput-Rathor (20), Balai (50), Naik (15), Swami (10), Maniar (4).

Cause of Leaving Village By Bhukhar's:- Relation between Bhukhar's and Sihag's are " Mama & Bhanja ". One day some women's gathered on well for taking water. Some dispute arose between Sihag & Bhukhar women about taking water from the well first in turn. Bhukhar women told this fact to their husbands which led to a dispute and then Bhukhars decided to leave this village and said they would never drink water of this village. After that they moved to village Gothra (Bhukaran) in Sikar district in Rajasthan.[citation needed]