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بھرگڑی / ڀرڳڙي / भुरग॒ड़ी /
Regions with significant populations

Bhurgri ( Sindhi: ڀرڳڙي‎; Urdu: بھرگڑی‎; Hindi: भुरग॒ड़ी) is a Baloch tribe which lives in various provinces of Pakistan.

People from Bhurgri[edit]

  • Raees Ghulam Muhammad Khan Bhurgri (Barrister),(1878-1924) One of the Pioneers of Freedom Movement of PAKISTAN.[1]
  • Abdul-Majid Bhurgri, First person to develop Sindhi Computing Solution.[2][3]
  • Abdul Ghafoor Bhurgri,(Jan 1st 1921 - Feb 10th 2015) Former Provincial Revenue & Culture Minister Sindh, EX- MPA, Writer, Senior Lawyer, Father of Hero of Sindhi Computing (Abdul Majid Bhurgri).[4][5]
  • Raees Ghulam Mustafa Khan Bhurgri, Politician & former MPA Sindh Assembly[6][7][8]
  • Raees Khair Mohammad Khan Bhurgri, (Died on June 6, 2013)[9] EX- MPA, Renowned Land Lord in Sindh.[10]
  • Raees Jameel Ahmed Bhurgri (February 21, 1952 - September 21, 2015)[11] Former MPA Sindh Assembly[12]
  • Zahid Ali Bhurgri, EX- MPA, Sindh & Former Provincial Minister for Fisheries.[13]
  • Akhtar Inayat Bhurgri, Secretary, Mining and Mineral Department Sindh,[14] Former Additional Secretary Health Department Sindh, former secretary Sindh Public Service Commission,[15] former secretary Sindhi Language Authority.
  • Abdul Hamid Bhurgri, Additional Advocate General Sindh High Court,[16][17]

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