Bhuvanaikabahu I of Dambadeniya

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Bhuvanaikabahu I
King of Dambadeniya
Buwanekabahu - Massa.jpg
Massa coin of Bhuvanaikabahu I
PredecessorVijayabahu IV
Parakkamabahu III
HouseHouse of Siri Sanga Bo
FatherParakkamabahu II

Bhuvanaikabahu I was King of Dambadeniya in the 13th century, who ruled from 1271 to 1283. He succeeded his brother Vijayabahu IV as King of Dambadeniya and was succeeded an Interregnum of 19 years. His nephew Parakkamabahu III ruled from Polonnaruwa, and was not formally considered as a King of Dambadeniya.

Bhuvanaikabahu I is known to have resided in Yapahuwa.

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Bhuvanaikabahu I of Dambadeniya
Born: ? ? Died: ? ?
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Vijayabahu IV
King of Dambadeniya
Succeeded by
Parakkamabahu III