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Coordinates: 44°47′47″N 20°27′01″E / 44.7964°N 20.4502°E / 44.7964; 20.4502

Beogradska industrija piva
Native name
Београдска индустрија пива
Joint-stock company
Industry Beverages
Fate Bankruptcy procedure
Founded 21 October 1998; 19 years ago (1998-10-21) (Current form)
1839; 179 years ago (1839) (Historical)
Headquarters Belgrade, Serbia
Key people
Miroljub Cicmil (Trustee)
Products Beers, soft drinks, vinegar and yeast
Revenue Decrease 5.44 million (2016)[1]
Increase €0.72 million (2016)[1]
Total assets Decrease €21.59 million (2016)[2]
Total equity Decrease €4.84 million (2016)[2]
Owner Privatization Agency (51.9%)
Others (48.1%)
Number of employees
0 (2016)
Footnotes / references
Business ID: 07013710
Tax ID: 100000856

Beogradska industrija piva (abbr. BIP; full legal name: Beogradska industrija piva, slada i bezalkoholnih pića a.d. Beograd) is a Serbian brewery, which declared bankruptcy in September 2015. It has a headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia.

In addition to a range of beers, the brewery produces soft drinks, vinegar, and yeast.[4]


The old Great Beer Hall in Belgrade.

The brewery was founded in 1839, although it operates under current name Beogradska industrija Piva since January 1963.[5] BIP's 1839 predecessor was founded by the Czech miller expert Johan Weinhappl from Sremska Mitrovica. It was a manufacture for cooking of the "barley juice". The brewery complex in the neighborhood of Mostar, part of Senjak, was completed in 1880. Owner of the factory, until his death in 1937, was industrialist Đorđe Vajfert. The brewery was then inherited by his nephew Fernand Gamberg. The factory was damaged in both World Wars. After the Communist takeover in 1945, it was nationalized and repaired as the "7th of July" factory. On 23 January 1963, it merged into the Belgrade Beer Industry (BIP), together with the "Brewery Belgrade" (former "Bajloni Brewery" in Skadarlija) and "Bezalko" company.[6]

The malting section became operational in 1965 and was the only brewery in Serbia which produced malt. "Golden age" of the brewery were the 1970s. By the mid of the decade, the factory was brewing 1.5 million hectoliters per year, covering over one quarter of the market in the entire Yugoslavia. It was invested into the most modern equipment, including the Siemens control board which at that time only existed in NASA. After the collapse of the federal state in the early 1990s, the situation in the company worsened. It was especially hit after the major fire in the factory in 1997. Public bidding for the sale of the company in 2004 failed.[6]

In another attempt, in July 2007, the factory was sold to the Swedish-Lithuanian consortium. The consortium consisted of "United Nordic Beverages AB" and Alita for €26.5 million,[7] for the 52% of the factory.[6] In February 2010, the privatization was terminated, due to non-fulfillment of investment obligations.[8] They clauses included not investing the additional €5.1 million, not buying off the rest of the shares and not paying the taxes. The consortium also administered the properties contrary to the contract: they sold the offshoot factories in the neighborhood of Krnjača and the town of Čačak and even pawned the company's brand for a credit of €1.1 million, without consulting the administrative board.[6] In October 2012, Privatization Agency of Serbia announced that it had won the case against the former owners, meaning they will have to pay €17 million in the name of compensation.[9]

The malting section was repaired and became operational again. In 2014, the products of the factory were beer (80%), kvass (10%(, soft drinks (5%) and vinegar (5%).[6]

The brewery declared bankruptcy in September 2015.[10] In April 2017, Macedonian investor leased brewery for the annual price of 900,000 euros.[11]

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