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The open source BiSS Interface (bidirectional/serial/synchronous) is based on a protocol which implements a real time interface. It enables a secure serial digital communication between controller, sensor and actuator. The BiSS protocol is designed in B mode and C mode (continuous mode). It is used in industrial applications which require transfer rates, safety, flexibility and a minimized implementation effort. The BiSS interface has roots in SSI and a simplified INTERBUS. The proprietary standards, Hiperface and EnDat are competing solutions.


BiSS Features[edit]

  • Open source
  • Hardware compatible for SSI standard (synchronous serial interface)
  • Cyclic reading of sensor data up to 64 bit per slave
  • Transmission of status data, parameter, measured temperature value, configuration description, etc.
  • Isochronal, real time capable data transmission
  • bidirectional communication with two unidirectional lines
  • Point-to-point or multi-slave networks
  • Maximum user data rate, transmission data depending on driver and line of e.g. RS422: 10 MHz, 1 km; LVDS: 100 Mbit/s
  • Independent of the applied physical layer
  • CRC secured communication (sensor data and control data secured separately) [8]

Characteristics of BiSS C[edit]

  • Continuous sensor data transmission without interruption while using control data
  • Activation of actuators in bus during sensor data transmission
  • Broader standardization through BiSS profiles, BiSS EDS (electronic data sheet), BiSS USER DATA, etc.
  • Full compatibility of BiSS identifier (already defined in BiSS B) [9]

History of BiSS in position sensor system[edit]

  • BiSS was showcased in 2002 by its founders iC-Haus GmbH [10]
  • Since BiSS B is not motor feedback compatible, BiSS C has been preferred in the market
  • All patent cases against BiSS B were dropped in 2012:
    • EP 0790489B1: “Mode switching by frequency comparison"
    • DE 19701310B4: “Mode switching as such”
    • EP 1168120B1: “Block transmission of additional uncritical data”
  • Multi-cycle data (MCD) are no longer utilized in the position sensor system with BiSS
  • Because BiSS utilizes the PHY of SSI [(RS-422)], it develops as the successor of the SSI interface in automation

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