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BiTrektual album cover.jpg
Studio album by Voltaire
Released September 2, 2012
Genre Dark cabaret, filk
Length 55:29
Label Mars Needs Music
Producer Voltaire
Voltaire chronology
The Cave Canem Demos
Raised by Bats

BiTrektual is the ninth studio album by Cuban American dark cabaret singer Aurelio Voltaire, released on September 2, 2012. It is a concept album containing songs parodying the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises – Voltaire is a fan of both. It also contains a Doctor Who-related song, "It's Bigger on the Inside". The album's title is intended to be a pun on the word "bisexual".

"The Trouble with Tribbles" excepted, all the Star Trek-related songs were previously featured on Voltaire's currently out-of-print 2001 EP Banned on Vulcan; they were all re-recorded for this release. A re-recorded, extended version of "Cantina", a song previously featured on his 2007 album Ooky Spooky, is also present. "Poopin' on the Enterprise", "Yoda" and "Damn You, George Lucas!" are not songs, but rather spoken-word monologues by Voltaire originally included on his 2006 live album Live!.

Robert Picardo, Garrett Wang and Tim Russ, all actors of Star Trek fame, and Jason C. Miller as well, provide additional vocals for some of the tracks.

Voltaire also made a contest on which fans would design the BiTrektual logo; the winner would be featured on the album's cover.[1]

The cover features Voltaire dressed like Obi-Wan Kenobi kissing Hikaru Sulu.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "BiTrektual" (featuring Jason C. Miller) 5:01
2. "The Trouble with Tribbles"   4:42
3. "Screw the Ocampa!"   2:10
4. "The Sexy Data Tango"   3:23
5. "The USS Make Shit Up"   5:49
6. "Poopin' on the Enterprise"   1:57
7. "Worf's Revenge"   3:13
8. "Yoda"   2:02
9. "Cantina"   7:36
10. "Damn You, George Lucas!"   1:54
11. "Docking Bay 94"   4:44
12. "It's Bigger on the Inside"   3:54
13. "Expendable"   3:38


  • Voltaire — vocals
  • Brian Viglione — drums
  • Frank Morin — guitar
  • Ken Zwerin — bass
  • Maxim Moston — violin

Guest vocals were provided by Jason C. Miller, Garrett Wang, Tim Russ and Robert Picardo. Wang, Russ and Picardo are known for portraying Ensign Harry Kim, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and the Doctor in Star Trek, respectively.


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