Białystok (meteorite)

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Type Achondrite
Class HED meteorites
Group Eucrite-pmict
Country Poland
Region Podlaskie
Coordinates 53°06′N 23°12′E / 53.100°N 23.200°E / 53.100; 23.200Coordinates: 53°06′N 23°12′E / 53.100°N 23.200°E / 53.100; 23.200
Observed fall Yes
Fall date October 5, 1827
TKW ~4 kg
Strewn field Yes

Białystok is an eucrite meteorite (previously classified as howardite) that fell on 5 October 1827 in the area of Fasty and Knyszyn villages, NNW of Białystok, Poland. The fall occurred at around 9:30 am. Several specimens were recovered.

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