Bialik Hebrew Day School

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Bialik Hebrew Day School
2760 Bathurst Street

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Coordinates43°42′39.07″N 79°25′43.58″W / 43.7108528°N 79.4287722°W / 43.7108528; -79.4287722Coordinates: 43°42′39.07″N 79°25′43.58″W / 43.7108528°N 79.4287722°W / 43.7108528; -79.4287722
School typePrivate Jewish day school
Motto״פה בית היוצר לנשמת האומה״ (in Hebrew)
("Here the soul of the people is forged")
Founded1961; 58 years ago (1961)
School boardToronto Board of Jewish Education
Head of SchoolShana Harris
Enrollment1000 (2016)
LanguageEnglish, Hebrew, Yiddish, French

Bialik Hebrew Day School (Hebrew: בֵּית סֵפֶר יוֹמִי עַל שֵׁם ח.נ. בְּיַאלִיק) is a private, Jewish day school located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the only day schools in Toronto's Board of Jewish Education to teach Yiddish, beginning in grade three.


Bialik Hebrew Day School was established in 1961 with 54 students and four staff members by members of the Labour Zionist movement, with Moishe Mendachovsky as its first principal. By 1975, enrolment had increased to 550 students and 52 staff.[1] Bialik moved to its current location on Bathurst Street in 1999.

The school was named in honour of the poet Chaim Nachman Bialik. It has four "houses" named after Israeli universities: Bar-Ilan/Tel-Aviv, Ben-Gurion/Weizmann, Hebrew University, and Haifa/Technion.


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