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The Biamonti Catalogue is a catalogue of Ludwig van Beethoven's compositions published in 1968 by the ILTE of Turin. The original name of the work is Catalogo cronologico e tematico di tutte le opere di Beethoven, comprese quelle inedite e gli abbozzi non utilizzati. Giovanni Biamonti tried to combine all pieces of the author, including all works approached in other catalogues (the opus, Kinsky–Halm Catalogue, Hess and Grove), in a single chronological listing. All other catalogues are numbered by date of publishing. The numeration system used is "Bia" plus the number attributed to the piece in the catalogue.

Although Biamonti's work comprises 849 entries, including published and unpublished pieces, and even fragments, from 1782 to March 1827, there are some that Biamonti could not have known about, and so there is still no single catalog with all of Beethoven's compositions. Biamonti's numbers, in addition, are rarely used. Instead, WoO numbers are generally favoured.[citation needed]


  • Biamonti, Giovanni. Catologo cronologo e tematico delle opere di Beethoven. Torino: ILTE, 1968. OCLC 2028666; works, sketches and fragments, in 849 chronologically arranged entries

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