Bian River (Indonesia)

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Bian River
Wai Bian, Bian-rivier, Sungai Bian
Bian River (Indonesia) is located in Papua
Bian River (Indonesia)
Bian River (Indonesia) is located in Indonesia
Bian River (Indonesia)
Physical characteristics
 - locationSoutheast of Asike
MouthArafura Sea
 - location
District of Okaba, Merauke
Length580.6 km (360.8 mi)
 - minimum70 m (230 ft)
 - maximum1,447.1 m (4,748 ft)

Bian River or Mbian River is a river of western part of Papua, in the province of Papua), Indonesia.[1] Its total length is 580.6 km and width around 70 - 1447.1 m.[2] Some 900 people in its upper course are said to speak the language Bian Marind.[3]


The river flows in the southern area of Papua with predominantly tropical rainforest climate (designated as Af in the Köppen-Geiger climate classification).[4] The annual average temperature in the area is 23 °C. The warmest month is October, when the average temperature is around 25 °C, and the coldest is June, at 20 °C.[5] The average annual rainfall is 2952 mm. The wettest month is May, with an average of 405 mm rainfall, and the driest is August, with 62 mm rainfall.[6]


In District of Muting (Merauke Regency), Bian River is a nature reserve by the order of the Ministry of Forestry[7] as the habitat of various protected flora and fauna, among others: Archerfish and Asian arowana.[8]

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Coordinates: 8°07′09″S 139°56′28″E / 8.1193°S 139.9411°E / -8.1193; 139.9411