Bian Zhang

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Bian.
Bian Zhang
Magistrate of Hongnong
Born 133[citation needed]
Died 186
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Wade–Giles Pien Chang

Bian Zhang (originally named Bian Yun ) was a minister of the Han Dynasty as the Magistrate of Xin'an.[1]

In AD 185, Beigong Boyu of the Qiang tribe rebelled in the Liang province. Beigong Boyu took Bian Zhang and Han Sui, another minister, hostage and stopped all attempts to return them. Bian Zhang was forced to participate in the rebellion or else he would be killed. He became the overall commander of the rebels, but was defeated in battle with Dong Zhuo and Sun Jian and died shortly after.[2]


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