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Bianca Biasi
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Bianca Biasi
Born (1979-05-13) 13 May 1979 (age 43)

Bianca Biasi (born 13 May 1979) is an Australian producer, director, actress and author who has more recently specialised in projects involving supernatural or reportedly haunted locations,[1] mostly on Sydney's northern beaches.

She appeared in soap opera Home and Away as Constable Pia Correlli.

Acting credits[edit]

Feature films[edit]

In 2006, she made her feature film debut in Burke & Wills (Cake Productions) in the role of Asha.

Producer credits[edit]

As of 1 January 2014, Biasi's studio had four films in post-production: The Quarantine Hauntings, The Parkway Hauntings, Delirium and The Q Station Experiment.[2]

The location on Wakehurst Parkway was the subject of "countless anonymous stories online that speak of a girl in a white dress that appears on the Middle Creek Bridge as unsuspecting drivers go through her, or a nun apparition that sits in the back seat of cars," The Daily Telegraph reported. It also reported that both films, The Parkway Hauntings[3] and The Quarantine Hauntings[4] would be released in 2015.

Other activity[edit]

Bianca is also an outspoken advocate of LGBT rights in Australia and has appeared with her partner in media coverage across various outlets as a same sex mothers of twin girls,[5] to raise awareness of the increased risk of violence against same sex parents in the lead up to divisive debate that preceded the 2017 Same-sex marriageplebiscite and subsequent legislation allowing same sex marriage.


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