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Bianca Lamblin (born Bienenfeld) (April 1921 in Lublin – 5 November 2011[1][2]) was a French writer who was romantically involved with both Jean-Paul Sartre and his lifelong companion Simone de Beauvoir,[3] for a number of years.[4][5][6][7] Her book, Mémoires d'une Jeune Fille Dérangée (published in English under the title, "A Disgraceful Affair"), is an account of her long-lasting involvement with two of the most prominent French thinkers of the twentieth century.[4][6] In correspondence between Sartre and Beauvoir, the pseudonym Louise Védrine was used when referring to Bianca in Lettres au Castor and in Lettres à Sartre.[4][6] Lamblin later lamented of being abused by both Sartre and Beauvoir.[8]


Bianca Lamblin was born in April 1921. She was a cousin of the French writer Georges Perec.[2] In 1937, her teacher was Simone de Beauvoir. She also met Sartre at this time. In Paris, Bianca was friends with Jean Kanapa, Raoul Lévy and Bernard Lamblin. She married Bernard Lamblin and they had two children.[4] Bianca became a teacher, and after Simone de Beauvoir's death, Bianca wrote Mémoires d'une jeune fille dérangée.[4]



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