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An introduction board at the Bianyifang describing the restaurant's history
Peking Duck at Bianyifang

Bianyifang (Chinese: 便; pinyin: Biànyífānɡ) is the oldest Peking Duck restaurant in operation in Beijing, China.


Established in 1416, the original Bianyifang used to be a small workshop, which produced duck and chicken food in Mishihutong (米市胡同), Caishikou, Beijing. In 1827, its owner Sun Zijiu (孙子久) began to extend its business and established a bigger restaurant, where Peking Duck and Spanish and French Style Duck Liver (西法鸭肝) became its "signature dishes".

Due to the fame of the original Bianyifang, many restaurants named themselves "Bianyifang", among which Xianyukou Bianyifang (鲜鱼口便宜坊) is the one that exists today.

In 1855, Xianyukou Bianyifang was established in Qianmen, Beijing, by a Wang family who hired a chef of the original Bianyifang. The restaurant has carried the Beijing cuisine tradition from the Qing dynasty to its modern-day form.

Bianyifang's main competition has been Quanjude, another restaurant specializing in Peking Duck.[1]

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