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Biarchedi Peak
Biarchedi Peak بیارچیڈی‬ is located in Pakistan
Biarchedi Peak بیارچیڈی‬
Biarchedi Peak
Location in Pakistan
Highest point
Elevation6,781 m (22,247 ft)
Prominence561 metres (1,841 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Pakistan
Coordinates35°42′11.32″N 76°24′36.86″E / 35.7031444°N 76.4102389°E / 35.7031444; 76.4102389Coordinates: 35°42′11.32″N 76°24′36.86″E / 35.7031444°N 76.4102389°E / 35.7031444; 76.4102389[1]
LocationBaltoro Glacier, Pakistan
Parent rangeKarakoram

Biarchedi Peak (Urdu: بیارچیڈی‎) is a mountain peak on the south of the Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan. In its southwest is Masherbrum (7,806 m) and in its east is the Mitre Peak (6,010 m). In its northeast is the Biarchedi Glacier that flows north into the Baltoro Glacier.

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