Biathlon European Championships

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Biathlon European Championships
Genresports competition
Inaugurated1994 (1994)
Organised byIBU

The Biathlon European Championships are the top-european competitions in biathlon. The first edition was held in 1994, with sprint, pursuit, individual and relay. The number of events has grown significantly over the years.

Participation of non-European competitors[edit]

Even though the event is called European Championships, the event is not restricted to European athletes only. The full name of the competition is Open Biathlon European Championships, meaning that biathletes from non-European countries are eligible to participate and their results being recognised. There are three instances in which non-European competitors have won medals. Lowell Bailey from the United States became the first non-European to win a medal by winning bronze in the Junior Sprint event in 2001, followed by another bronze in the Junior Pursuit. Audrey Vaillancourt of Canada became the first non-European athlete to win gold in the competition, winning the Women's 15 km individual in 2014.


Year Host city
1994 Finland Kontiolahti
1995 France Le Grand-Bornand
1996 Italy Ridnaun
1997 Austria Windischgarsten
1998 Belarus Minsk
1999 Russia Izhevsk
2000 Poland Zakopane
2001 France Maurienne
2002 Finland Kontiolahti
2003 Italy Forni Avoltri
2004 Belarus Minsk
2005 Russia Novosibirsk
2006 Germany Langdorf
2007 Bulgaria Bansko
2008 Czech Republic Nové Město na Moravě
2009 Russia Ufa
2010 Estonia Otepää
2011 Italy Ridnaun
2012 Slovakia Osrblie
2013 Bulgaria Bansko
2014 Czech Republic Nové Město na Moravě
2015 Estonia Otepää
2016 Russia Tyumen
2017 Poland Duszniki-Zdrój
2018 Italy Ridnaun
2019 Belarus Raubichi
2020 Estonia Otepää
2021 Poland Duszniki-Zdrój
2022 Germany Großer Arber

Medals table[edit]

Updated after 2018 Championships

1 Russia543943136
2 Germany392934102
3 Ukraine26271871
4 Belarus16162153
5 Poland11111032
6 Norway9181643
7 France87924
8 Bulgaria571123
9 Latvia53917
10 Slovakia47213
11 Austria4127
12 Czech Republic312520
13 Slovenia1113
14 Sweden1102
15 Canada1001
18 Italy0336
19 Lithuania0202
21 Finland0033
22 Japan0011
 United States0011
Totals (23 nations)189186189564