Biathlon at the 1968 Winter Olympics

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at the X Olympic Winter Games
Dates12–15 February
Competitors72 from 16 nations
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Biathlon at the 1968 Winter Olympics consisted of two biathlon events, held at Autrans. The events began on 9 February and ended on 11 February 1968. This was the first Olympics to feature more than one biathlon race, as the 4 x 7.5 kilometre relay made its debut.[1][2]

Medal summary[edit]

Three nations won medals in biathlon, the Soviet Union leading the medal table with three, one of each type. Magnar Solberg and Alexander Tikhonov shared the lead in the individual medal table, each winning a gold and a silver.

Medal table[edit]

1 Soviet Union (URS)1113
2 Norway (NOR)1102
3 Sweden (SWE)0011
Totals (3 entries)2226


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Magnar Solberg
1:13:45.9 Aleksandr Tikhonov
 Soviet Union
1:14:40.4 Vladimir Gundartsev
 Soviet Union
 Soviet Union (URS)
Aleksandr Tikhonov
Nikolay Puzanov
Viktor Mamatov
Vladimir Gundartsev
2:13:02.4  Norway (NOR)
Ola Wærhaug
Olav Jordet
Magnar Solberg
Jon Istad
2:14:50.2  Sweden (SWE)
Lars-Göran Arwidson
Tore Eriksson
Olle Petrusson
Holmfrid Olsson

Participating nations[edit]

Sixteen nations sent biathletes to compete in Grenoble. Below is a list of the competing nations; in parentheses are the number of national competitors. Canada, East and West Germany and Czechoslovakia made their Olympic biathlon debut.[1]


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