Biathlon at the 1992 Winter Olympics

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at the XVI Olympic Winter Games
VenueLes Saisies
Dates11–20 February
No. of events6
Competitors196 from 28 nations
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Biathlon at the 1992 Winter Olympics consisted of six biathlon events. They were held at Les Saisies, about 40 kilometres from the host city of Albertville. The events began on 11 February and ended on 20 February 1992.[1] The 1992 Games were the first in which women competed in biathlon.[2]

Russian biathlete Sergei Tarasov admitted in 2015 that the EUN (former Soviet nations competing in a unified team) biathlon team had carried out illegal blood transfusions at the Games. Something went very wrong with his transfusion, and he was rushed to the hospital where they saved his life.[3]

Medal summary[edit]

Six nations won medals in biathlon, Germany leading the medal table with seven (3 gold, 4 silver). The Unified Team was the only other team to win more than two medals. Mark Kirchner led the individual medal table with two golds and three medals total, while Antje Misersky-Harvey also won three medals, one gold and two silver.

France's gold medal in the relay was the country's first medal of any type in the sport. Canada's bronze, won by Myriam Bédard, was the first medal won by an athlete from outside Europe or the former Soviet Union.

Medal table[edit]

1 Germany (GER)3407
2 Unified Team (EUN)2226
3 France (FRA)1001
4 Sweden (SWE)0022
5 Canada (CAN)0011
 Finland (FIN)0011
Totals (6 entries)66618

Men's events[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Yevgeniy Redkin
 Unified Team
57:34.4 Mark Kirchner
57:40.8 Mikael Löfgren
Mark Kirchner
26:02.3 Ricco Groß
26:18.0 Harri Eloranta
 Germany (GER)
Ricco Groß
Jens Steinigen
Mark Kirchner
Fritz Fischer
1:24:43.5  Unified Team (EUN)
Valeriy Medvedtsev
Aleksandr Popov
Valery Kiriyenko
Sergei Tchepikov
1:25:06.3  Sweden (SWE)
Ulf Johansson
Leif Andersson
Tord Wiksten
Mikael Löfgren

Women's events[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Antje Misersky-Harvey
51:47.2 Svetlana Pechorskaya
 Unified Team
51:58.5 Myriam Bédard
Anfisa Reztsova
 Unified Team
24:29.2 Antje Misersky-Harvey
24:45.1 Yelena Belova
 Unified Team
 France (FRA)
Corinne Niogret
Véronique Claudel
Anne Briand-Bouthiaux
1:15:55.6  Germany (GER)
Uschi Disl
Antje Misersky-Harvey
Petra Behle-Schaaf
1:16:18.4  Unified Team (EUN)
Yelena Belova
Anfisa Reztsova
Yelena Melnikova

Participating nations[edit]

Twenty-eight nations sent biathletes to compete in the events. Below is a list of the competing nations; in parentheses are the number of national competitors.[1] Three former Soviet republics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), made their biathlon debuts, along with Slovenia and Greece. The Unified Team also made its only appearance.

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