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Bibble5 Logo.png
Developer(s)Bibble Labs
Final release
5.2.3 / December 23, 2011; 8 years ago (2011-12-23)
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
TypePhoto Post-Production

Bibble is a digital imaging program for multiple platforms by Bibble Labs, designed to assist photographers in post-production work and efficient optimization of images created in raw image formats. After Bibble was acquired by Corel it was rebranded as Corel AfterShot Pro.

Bibble 5[edit]

Bibble 5 is an upgrade to Bibble 4 with the intent of cleaning up and rewriting some of the codebase, updating the GUI, and adding features to the platform.

Bibble 5.0 was released December 29, 2009 and the development was announced on September 22, 2006,[1] and a preview version was released January 31. 2009.[2]

The software exists in a Pro and a Lite package.

Added features in version 5[edit]

  • Image editing tools include selective editing and layers
  • Asset management tools
  • Metadata tools
  • Faster processing and better support of multi-processor systems

Third-party plugins for Bibble 5[edit]

  • Harry - Black & White Converter Using a Color Equalizer
  • Sally - Color Enhancer Tool Using a Color Equalizer
  • iNDA - Simple Black/White Film Simulator
  • Lay - Layer transparency editor
  • SplitToni - Split toning for highlights and shadows
  • Sean Puckett Plugins - Coming soon, most of the best Sean Puckett Bibble 4 plugins for Bibble 5
  • Ghost Writer - Text or logo overlays
  • Grid - Overlay a grid pattern over an image

Added features in version 5.1[edit]

Bibble 5.0 shipped with some functionality missing which Bibble 4 supported, but Bibble 5.1 adds the following features (and more).[3] Additionally, a lite version is available.

  • Heal & Clone brush
  • Perfectly Clear
  • Web Gallery output
  • Auto-Contrast feature
  • Ability to install third-party plugins
  • Additional support and features to Bibble's plugin SDK
  • Added support for additional cameras
  • Added lens calibration parameters for various lenses.
  • Numerous issues resolved.

Built-in plugins for Bibble 5.1[edit]

  • Black And White - Black & White with Spot Color

Bibble 4[edit]

Bibble 4 was supported from October 2004 with their initial release of Bibble 4.0 up until May 2008 when the last version, 4.10, was released. After which no more bug fixes or cameras were added to it and the project was basically closed while Bibble 5 development was ongoing. Bibble 4 is considered deprecated at this point and is no longer supported or sold.

Features from version 4[edit]

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