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Bibi Bulak Performance Arts and Music Troupe is a professional drama and music troupe based in East Timor. They are linked to the Timorese art school Arte Moris and share facilities with them at the Arte Moris Cultural Centre in Comoro Dili.

Bibi Bulak develops dramas and tours the country performing them. They are often commissioned by other organizations for drama education projects.

Since 2000, Bibi Bulak, the 'Crazy Goats' have established themselves as East Timor's premier performance arts company.[citation needed] Their unique body of work includes theatre, film, radio and television dramas, circus, dance, writing and music. Bibi Bulak makes the arts entertaining, accessible and educational for the people of East Timor. Based in Dili at the Arte Moris Cultural Centre, Bibi Bulak also runs workshops training young Timorese.

Bibi Bulak creates work that is made by and for East Timorese in the lingua franca Tetum. Bibi Bulak bring art, entertainment and public education to the people directly, regularly touring performances, and music, and producing nationally aired and distributed radio dramas and films.

Creating Future Leaders in the Arts[edit]

Bibi Bulak runs a training school at its base in the capital city, Dili. Where social arts practices are used to teach:

  • Theatre Writing
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Film
  • Radio Drama
  • Circus
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Arts Administration and Management.

Providing Accessible Public Education[edit]

Bibi Bulak uses the arts as a tool for public education, exploring issues pertinent to East Timor including:

  • Domestic Violence
  • HIV/Aids
  • Gender Equality
  • Legal Rights
  • The Environment
  • Health
  • East Timor's History

Bibi Bulak's Objectives[edit]

  • Promote & Nurture a uniquely East Timorese arts culture
  • Continue to build capacity & sustainability for East Timorese artists
  • Facilitate professional development workshops with international artists
  • Secure International touring programs

The East Timorese Arts Reality[edit]

The Arts in East Timor has only had the freedom to flourish since Independence. East Timorese have had little external contact with the Arts and thus there are limited skills, knowledge and resources on the ground.

Support the Arts in East Timor[edit]

The international arts community can support the development of the Arts in East Timor donations of:

  • Artist's expertise & knowledge (come on over!)
  • Arts resources
  • books, journals, videos & DVDs
  • Equipment
  • Financial Support
  • Opportunities for artists to experience the arts outside of East Timor.

Bibi Bulak is a member of the East Timorese National Theatre Network - MATTIL, Mahon Arte Teatru Timor Leste.

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