Bibiana Fernández

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Bibiana Fernández
Born (1954-02-13) February 13, 1954 (age 63)
Tangier, Tangier International Zone
Nationality Spanish
Other names Bibi Andersen
Occupation Actress, singer, model

Bibiana Fernández, also known as Bibí Andersen (Tangier, February 13, 1954) is a Spanish actress, singer and model.


She was born with the name Manuel and spent her childhood in Málaga. She later went to Barcelona to fulfill her dream of being an artist. After a period of making shows in several of Barcelona's vaudeville locations, she made her debut in movies with a Vicente Aranda film, Cambio de Sexo (Sex Change).

Thanks to this movie, she became a celebrity all over Spain, making appearances and releasing several single song hits such as "Call me Lady Champagne" and "Sálvame".

In the 1980s, she began working with renowned film director Pedro Almodóvar and was casted in many of his movies. After that, she hosted several television shows and acted in more films.

In 2005, she started appearing as a panelist in the talk show Channel Nº4 on Cuatro with Boris Izaguirre and Ana García Siñeriz.


  • 1980 - Bibi Andersen (LP, Album)
  • 1980 - Call Me Lady Champagne (Single)
  • 1980 - Sálvame (Single)
  • 1982 - Canto (Single)


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