Melbourne School of Theology

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Melbourne School of Theology
Melbourne School of Theology logo.jpg
Former names
Melbourne Bible Institute
Bible College of Victoria
Motto Biblical Depth. Spiritual Formation. Missional Heart
Type Tertiary Christian education
Established September 1920
Religious affiliation
Nondenominational Christian Borneo Evangelical Mission
Academic affiliation
Australian College of Theology
Principal Tim Meyers
Students 350+
Location Melbourne, Australia
Campus Wantirna South, Victoria, Melbourne CBD,

Melbourne School of Theology (MST) is an evangelical Christian theological college with its main campus in Wantirna, an eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The School has a Chinese department, known as MST Chinese, in which undergraduate and graduate courses are taught in both Mandarin and Cantonese. It also has a postgraduate research section known as MST Centre for the Study of Chinese Christianity.

In 2011 the main (Wantirna) campus relocated from the suburb of Lilydale in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne to its present location. The Chinese Department, which used to operate in Box Hill, also relocated to the new campus and was renamed MST Chinese.


Founded as Melbourne Bible Institute (MBI) in September 1920, the institution was established to train missionaries to serve with the China Inland Mission in China. At its opening only one student sat down with the principal in the hall of the Congregational church in the suburb of Prahran near the city centre. They began with the study of the Book of Genesis. The college's first principal was a 54-year-old Anglican priest, the Reverend Clifford H. Nash, who was there because, in his words, he "felt constrained to undertake the task".[citation needed] For six weeks they continued until another man and two women joined the class. They were the first of the 1000 students trained by Nash at the institute. The total now approaches 5000 graduates. At the foundation of the college Nash made a public statement, saying:

The MBI stands foursquare for the wholehearted acceptance of the entire sacred volume of the Old and New Testaments as from God. This is God's book for the plain man, and to such He will interpret its full meaning progressively by His Holy Spirit. Herein, too, is provided a full equipment for everyone who would serve Jesus as Lord. This book holds a message from God adapted to the spiritual needs of every class in every age. That message received makes men "wise unto salvation" which has all the elements of completeness. But if the book is from God, it will bear without loss the sincerest and most searching examination . . . Its genuineness will defy the acid as well as the sledgehammer of criticism. It is sufficient, and always sufficient, for the purposes for which it has been given to us.[citation needed]

The college was later moved to the outer-eastern suburb of Lilydale and renamed as the Bible College of Victoria (BCV).

In 2010 the college purchased the former national training centre of Nutrimetics in Wantirna and was renamed as the Melbourne School of Theology. Classes commenced at the new campus in 2011.


There are a range of MST courses at undergraduate certificate, undergraduate degree, graduate degree and postgraduate level, including specialised options and a MST Chinese. In 2008, MST established the Centre for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths, through which students are given the opportunity to learn about the distinctives of other faiths.

Courses range from one year full-time through to three or four year degrees. Core subjects tend to be biblical or theological in nature with certain essentials such as communication skills, while electives provide opportunity for students to pursue particular areas of interest such as youth ministry, pastoral skills and methods, leadership, cross-cultural communication, aid and development and Christian worship.

Current courses include diplomas of Ministry and Theology; bachelor's degrees in Theology, Ministry, and Christian Studies; Graduate Diplomas of Christian Studies and Divinity; master's degrees in Divinity, Master of Arts (Divinity), Master of Arts (Theology), and Master of Theology; and doctorate degrees of Theology, Ministry, and Philosophy. A full list of current courses and degrees can be found here.

Most courses and subjects are available full-time, part-time or via distance learning. Many are also offered through MST Chinese in which students undertake their studies in the Mandarin and Cantonese languages.

Key faculty[edit]

  • Principal: Rev Timothy Meyers
  • Vice-Principal (Academic): Dr Peter Riddell
  • Vice-Principal (Academic, Chinese): Dr Justin Tan
  • Vice-Principal (Community & Operations): Peter Tyrrell
  • Director, MST Postgraduate Institute: Dr Doug McComiskey
  • Dean of MST Chinese: Rev Y.C. Liong

For a full directory of Faculty see here.


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