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Bible Society Australia National Scriptures Division - Ingleburn, NSW.

Bible Society Australia is an Australian non-profit organisation which is involved in the translation, publishing, and distribution of the Christian Bible, engage people with the Bible, and the provision of literacy support.[1]


The Bible Society of Australia was inaugurated at the instigation of Governor Lachlan Macquarie in Sydney on 7 March 1817. The first Australasian translation was a selection of Scripture selections in the Maori language printed in 1827. The Bible Society is the oldest continually operating organisation in Australia.

In 2010, the Bible Societies of Australia in each state merged into a single organisation, Bible Society Australia.[2]


They have projects[3] in around 90 different languages.[4]


The Christian Science Monitor reported that the Bible Society has some effect on secular Australia ("Strine slang Bible a hit in secular Australia").[7]

They were featured on a 1967 Australia Post stamp.

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