Bible Society of India Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary

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Bible Society of India Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary
BSI AP Auxiliary
Formation 1951
Founded at Secunderabad
Type Bible Society
Legal status Charitable trust
Purpose Literary
Headquarters Bangalore
Andhra Pradesh
Services Raising contribution, translating, printing, distribution
Official language
Lambadi, Telugu and Urdu
Secretary General
Rev. B. Samuel Rajasekhar
Medidi Johnson[2]
Main organ
The Bible Society of India Trust Association
Parent organization
Bible Society of India
Subsidiaries 1 (Visakhapatnam)
Affiliations United Bible Societies
Budget (2014[3])
Slogan Applying God's word in the world
Formerly called
Book Depot of the Tamil Nadu Auxiliary

The Bible Society of India Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary[4] is located in Guntur.[1]

From 1951 through 2016, the Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary was housed at the Bible House on Rashtrapathi Road in Secunderabad until it was moved to Guntur.[5] This Auxiliary translated the Telugu and Lambadi versions of the Bible.

Telugu version[edit]

In the Annual report of the British & Foreign Bible Society[6] John Hay had undertaken the revision of the Telugu Bible (of Lyman Jewett?). In the same report, mention was made of the Secunderabad Branch.[7]

Auxiliary Secretaries

In 1953, the Telugu Bible was revised from earlier version which had been translated by John Hay, Edward Pritchett,[14] John Smith Wardlaw (1813-), James William Gordon, John Redmond Bacon and Dhanavada Anantam.[15]

Rev. A. B. Masilamani who majored in Greek[16] at Serampore College was Auxiliary Secretary as well part of the Translation Team providing stylistic corrections in Telugu. Modern translations of the Telugu Bible in common language were taken up by Rev. G. Babu Rao,[17] and Victor Premasagar, both of whom were Scholars of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek as well as colleagues at the Protestant Regional Theologiate in Secunderabad.

During the Auxiliary Secretaryship of Rev. B. G. Prasada Rao, a team consisting of Rev. Suppogu Israel and Rev. G. Babu Rao began translating portions of the Bible into modern Telugu which included,

  • Portions translated into modern Telugu
    • Book of Ruth, 1976[18]
    • Man You Cannot Ignore, 1976[19]

The Old Testament Scholar, Dr. Graham S. Ogden, Asia-Pacific Regional Translations Coordinator of the United Bible Societies used to liaise with the Auxiliary during the Secretaryship of L. Prakasam, providing scholarly inputs and also reviewing the progress of the Telugu-Old Testament Common Language Project Coordinator, Rev. G. Babu Rao.

A Living Bible in Telugu was also proposed as early as 1980.[20]

Lambadi version[edit]

In 2001, the Lambadi version translated by B. E. Devaraj was released.


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