Bible in the Schools

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Bible in the Schools
Founded 1922
Founder Dr. J. Park McCallie
Type 501(c)(3)
Area served
Hamilton County, Tennessee
Method Provides funding grants to the Hamilton County Department of Education for full cost of Bible history teachers.
Key people
Cathy Scott, President

Bible in the Schools is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that promotes biblical literacy in Hamilton County and other Tennessee public school districts.


The organization develops curriculum, training and financial resources for elective, for-credit courses in Bible history, using the Bible as the text, taught in a controlled curriculum by trained and certified middle and high school teachers employed by the Hamilton County school system. The group works with other organizations with similar goals and consults with individuals, sponsorship groups and school districts across the nation.


In 1922, J. P. McCallie, founder of The McCallie School and chair of the Religious Work Committee of the Chattanooga YMCA, approached the Chattanooga City Commission to provide Bible courses adapted to the various ages from 4th grade through high school, taught by teachers selected and paid by the Bible Study Committee, and that were subject to the principals and the Board of Education in scholarship and discipline. The program was approved and later expanded into the Hamilton County schools. Today, 4,000-5,000 public school students elect a Bible history class each year.


Five courses are offered by state-certified teachers. Classes are for-credit and considered part of the Social Studies curriculum in the high schools and the related arts curriculum in the middle schools. Doctrine is not taught. The courses are taught as history and literature so that students can have a better understanding of the Bible.

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