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Type of site
Available in 21 languages
Owner ERF Online
Slogan(s) Your Bible on the Internet
Alexa rank Negative increase 39,982 (April 2014)[1]
Commercial No
Registration Optional
Launched March 1, 2002; 15 years ago (2002-03-01)
Current status Online is a webpage offered by ERF Online[2] which, through the international cooperation with various Bible Societies and publishers, provides 46 modern and historical Bible translations in 21 languages (as of June 2011). This webpage also offers user interfaces in these 21 languages.


ERF Online placed the first version online in March 2002. Originally, it was only available in German at and provided four translations of the Bible (Luther 1984, Rev.Elberfelder, Hoffnung für alle (Hope for All), Gute Nachricht (Good News Bible).

When the domain moved to in March 2003, this second version of the online Bible covered 23 translations in 15 different languages. At that time, ERF Online cooperated with the International Bible Society (now known as Biblica), the Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, and the publisher SCM R. Rrockhaus.

In November 2005, the third version with extended functions was launched.[3] The fourth version[4] of was relaunched in March 2010 which facilitates the linking of Bible texts via URL and offers a version for mobile devices at

Cooperating partners, translations and languages[edit] offers the most important English Bible translations (for example the English Standard Version, Authorized King James Version and the New International Version) but most of all the current German Bible translations (for example the Luther 1984, Neue Genfer Übersetzung, Rev. Elbefelder). This distinguishes from other comparable online Bible services. It further covers a large range of Eastern European languages (for example: Czech and Romanian). The following list shows the Bible translations contained in the current version and the Bible Societies that provided them:

Bible Society Translation Language
Crossway English Standard Version English
Biblica Authorized King James Version English
New International Version English
New International Reader's Version English
Hoffnung für alle German
Bible du Semeur French
Het Boek Dutch
La Parola è Vita Italian
Nueva Versión Internacional (Castilian) Spanish
Nueva Versión Internacional Spanish
Bibelen på hverdagsdansk Danish
O Livro Portuguese
En Levende Bok Norwegian
Nya Levande Bibeln Swedish
Słowo Życia Polish
Slovo na cestu Czech
Hrvatski Croatian
Hungarian Hungarian
Noua traducere în limba românã Romanian
Nádej pre kazdého Slovak
Новый перевод на русский язык Russian
Священное Писание Russian
التفسير التطبيقي للكتاب المقدس Arabic
Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft Luther 1984 German
Gute Nachricht Bibel German
Stiftung Christliche Medien Rev. Elberfelder German
Neues Leben Bibel German
Geneva Bible Society Schlachter 2000 German
Neue Genfer Übersetzung German
Segond 21 French
Nuova Riveduta 2006 Italian
Katholisches Bibelwerk Einheitsübersetzung German
ERF Medien Switzerland Audio Bible (comprising several translations) German Българската Библия Bulgarian
The Bible Society in Turkey Türkçe (Old Testament) Turkish
The Translation Trust Türkçe (New Testament) Turkish
Česká biblická společnost] Český ekumenický překlad Czech
Biblion Překlad 21. Století Czech
Sociedad Bíblica Iberoamericana La Biblia Textual Spanish
Karl-Heinz Vanheiden Neue evangelistische Übersetzung German

Most of the above-mentioned Bible translations are protected by international copyright laws. Portions or complete Bible translations are not to be manually or automatically downloaded or in any way transferred electronically. These Bible translations are available on public domain: Vulgate, the Hebrew Old Testament, Septuagint, IBS-fordítás (Új Károli), Bible Kralická and the Chinese Union Version. Some translations only have the New Testament available. provides the Apocrypha in three different translations (Gute Nachricht Bibel, Einheitsübersetzung, Český ekumenický překlad).


Without registration[edit]

The user interface adapts by default to the language used by the browser. Furthermore, automatically chooses a suitable translation for the first steps. The search function recognizes any of the 21 languages, based upon the language chosen for the user interface or Bible translation. Additionally, offers a programming interface (API) for webmasters, via the client or server, which automatically recognizes Bible verses within a text and links them to[5] Manual linking is not necessary. Several other tools are offered including:

  • extensive search functions
  • reference books (for example: Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Jamieson Fausset Brown Bible Commentary, Scofield Reference Notes)
  • comparison of up to five Bible texts
  • Strongs Dictionary for the King James Version
  • quick share of Bible verses on Facebook and Twitter

With registration[edit]

The registration is free of charge and offers access to further functions. For example: editing tags and notes, an expanded selection of dictionaries and possibilities to set the text formatting.

Use by other media services[edit]

The German Wikipedia links biblical citations to by default.[6] The guideline for Bible citations, “Vorlage:Bibelzitate“, has already been used in more than 4000 articles.[7]


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