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Biblián Canton Ecuador
Biblián Ecuador
Ecuador Biblián
Nickname(s): Biblián Ecuador Canton
Location of Cañar Province in Ecuador.
Location of Cañar Province in Ecuador.
Cantons of Cañar Province
Cantons of Cañar Province
Coordinates: 2°43′S 78°53′W / 2.71°S 78.88°W / -2.71; -78.88Coordinates: 2°43′S 78°53′W / 2.71°S 78.88°W / -2.71; -78.88
Country  Ecuador
Province Cañar Province
Time zone ECT (UTC-5)

Biblián Canton Ecuador is a canton of Ecuador, located in the Cañar Province. Its capital is the town of Biblián. Its population at the 2010 census was 20,500.[1] Biblian is part of Cuenca Metropolitan Area (population 600,000) Its, population has remained unchanged for the past two decades. Most of its original inhabitants have emigrated to the United States and Spain, while internal immigration from other cities in the province have helped keep the population at about 20,000 since the 80's.


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