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History of North Idaho (1903)

The following works deal with the cultural, political, economic, military, biographical and geologic history of pre-territorial Idaho, Idaho Territory and the State of Idaho.

Surveys of Idaho history[edit]

Historic expeditions[edit]

Hayden Geological Survey (1871)[edit]

  • Hayden, F. V. (1880). The Great West: Its Attractions and Resources, Containing a Popular Description of the Marvelous Scenery, Physical Geography, Fossils and Glaciers of the Wonderful Region, And the Recent Explorations of the Yellowstone Park, "The Wonderland of America". Bloomington, IL: Charles R. Brodix. 
  • Merrill, Marlene Deahl, ed. (1999). Yellowstone and the Great West-Journals, Letters and Images from the 1871 Hayden Expedition. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press. ISBN 0-8032-3148-2. 

Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)[edit]

  • Ambrose, Stephen E. (1996). Undaunted Courage. New York: Simon & Schuster. ISBN 0-684-81107-3. 
  • Russell, Steve F. (2007). Lewis and Clark Across the Mountains: Mapping the Corps of Discovery in Idaho. Boise, ID: Idaho State Historical Society Press. ISBN 0-931406-16-1. 

Business and labor[edit]

  • Aiken, Katherine G. (2005). Idaho's Bunker Hill: the rise and fall of a great mining company, 1885-1981. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. ISBN 0-8061-3682-0. 


Military histories[edit]

  • Brown, Colonel W. C. (1926). The Sheepeater Campaign: Idaho 1879. Idaho Historical Society. 
  • Greene, Jerome A. (2000). Nez Perce Summer-The U.S. Army and the Nee-Me-Poo Crisis. Helena, MT: Montana Historical Society Press. ISBN 0-917298-68-3. 
  • Hampton, Bruce (1994). Children of Grace-The Nez Perce War of 1877. New York: Henry Holt and Company. ISBN 0-8050-1991-X. 
  • Kip, Lawrence (1859). Army Life on the Pacific; A Journal of the Expedition Against the Northern Indians, the Tribes of the Coeur D'Alenes, Spokans, and Pelouzes, in the Summer of 1858. New York: Redfield. 
  • West, Elliott (2009). The last Indian war: the Nez Perce story. Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-513675-3. 

Primary sources[edit]

Local and regional histories[edit]

Law and order[edit]

Ghost towns[edit]

  • Florin, Lambert (1971). Montana, Idaho and Wyoming: Ghost Towns. Seattle: Superior Publishing Company. 
  • Webb, Todd (1961). Gold Strikes and Ghost Towns. Garden City, NJ: Doubleday and Co. 
  • Weis, Norman D. (1972). Ghost Towns of the Northwest. Caldwell, ID: University of Nebraska Press for Caxton Press. ISBN 0-87004-201-7. 


  • Ashby, Leroy (1994). Fighting the Odds: The Life of Senator Frank Church. Pullman, WA: Washington State University Press. ISBN 978-0-87422-103-9. 
  • The Historical Encyclopedia of Wyoming. Cheyenne, WY: Wyoming Historical Institute. 1970. [1]
  • Mumey, Nolie (1972). The Life Of Jim Baker 1818-1898. New York: Interland Publishing. 
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  • Smallwood, William L. (2007). Mcclure of Idaho. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Press. ISBN 0-87004-458-3. 

Memoirs and primary sources[edit]

  • Bonney, Orrin H.; Bonney, Lorraine (1970). Battle Drums and Geysers-The Life And Journals Of Lt. Gustavus Cheyney Doane, Soldier And Explorer Of The Yellowstone And Snake River Regions. Chicago: Swallow Press. 
  • Taylor, Glen Hearst (1979). The Way It Was With Me. ISBN 0-8184-0288-1. 

Political histories[edit]

  • Colson, Dennis C. (1991). Idaho's Constitution: The Tie That Binds. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Press. ISBN 0-89301-265-3. 
  • Limbaugh, Ronald H. (1982). Rocky Mountain Carpetbaggers: Idaho's Territorial Governors, 1863-1890. Moscow, ID: Idaho Research Foundation. ISBN 0-89301-082-0. 
  • Stapilis, Randy (2005). Governing Idaho: Politics, People, and Power. Caldwell, ID: Caxton Press. ISBN 0-87004-447-8. 
  • Stapilis, Randy (2009). Paradox Politics: People and Power in Idaho. Carlton, OR: Ridenbaugh Press. ISBN 0-9824668-0-3. 

Social history[edit]

  • Fetherling, Douglas (1988). The Gold Crusades: A social history of the gold rushes 1849-1929. Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. ISBN 0-8020-8046-4. 
  • Johnstone, Rachel S. (2009). Inmates of the Idaho Penitentiary 1864-1947. Idaho State Historical Society Press. 


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