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This is a bibliography of notable works on New Brunswick, Canada.



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Special topics[edit]

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Pre 1784[edit]

Prior to 1784, New Brunswick was a part of Nova Scotia, and before that, of Acadia. It was originally settled by the Mi'Kmaq and Maliseet tribes.


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Pre-Columbian era[edit]

Acadian era (1604-1755)[edit]

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Foreign Protestants (1753-1766)[edit]

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New England Planters (1759-1766)[edit]

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1784 - 1900[edit]

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Since 1900[edit]

  • Doyle, Arthur T. Front Benches and Back Rooms: A story of corruption, muckraking, raw partisanship and political intrigue in New Brunswick [1908 - 1935]. Toronto: Green Tree, 1976. 306 pp.
  • How, Douglas and Ralph Costello, K.C.: The biography of K.C. Irving Toronto: Key Porter Books, 1993. 400 pp.

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