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Early History of North Dakota [1]

The following works deal with the cultural, political, economic, military, biographical and geologic history of pre-territorial North Dakota, Dakota Territory and the State of North Dakota.

Surveys of North Dakota history[edit]

  • Compendium history and biography of North Dakota; a history of early settlement, political history, and biography; reminiscences of pioneer life (PDF). Chicago: Geo A. Ogle. 1900.
  • Crawford, Lewis F. (1931). History of North Dakota (3 volumes). Chicago, IL: The American Historical Society.
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  • Federal Writers Project (1972). North Dakota: A Guide to the Northern Prairie State. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-403-02183-9.

Historic expeditions[edit]

Business, industry and labor[edit]

  • Drache, Hiram M. (1964). The Day of the Bonanza; a History of Bonanza Farming in the Red River Valley of the North. Fargo, ND: North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies.
  • Hargreaves, Mary W. M. (1993). Dry Farming in the Northern Great Plains: Years of Readjustment, 1920–1990. University Press of Kansas. ISBN 0-7006-0553-3.
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  • Tauxe, Caroline S. (1993). Farms, Mines and Main Streets: Uneven Development in a Dakota County. Temple University Press. ISBN 1-56639-070-2.

Native American histories[edit]

Military histories[edit]

  • Cooper, Jerry; Smith, Glen (2005). Citizens as Soldiers: A History of the North Dakota National Guard. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press. ISBN 0-8032-6449-6.

Local and regional histories[edit]

Ghost towns[edit]

  • Brouald, Ken C. (1999). Silent Towns on the Prairie : North Dakota's Disappearing Towns and Farms. Pictorial Histories Publishing Co. ISBN 1-57510-048-7.

Natural histories[edit]


Memoirs, diaries and journals[edit]

  • Carver, Jonathan (1802). Three years travels throughout the interior parts of North America, for more than five thousand miles, containing an account of the Great lakes, and all the lakes, islands, and rivers...of the north west regions of that vast continent... Together with a concise history of the genius, manners, and customs of the Indians inhabiting the lands adjacent to the heads and to the westward of the great river Mississippi: and an appendix, describing the uncultivated parts of America, that are the most proper for forming settlements. Boston: Samuel Etheridge for West and Greenleaf.
  • Wied, Maximilian. Travels in the Interior of North America in the years 1832 to 1834. Taschen. ISBN 3-8228-1245-5.

Political histories[edit]

  • Howard, Thomas W., ed. (1981). The North Dakota Political Tradition. Iowa State University Press. ISBN 0-8138-0520-1.
  • Morlan, Robert L. (1955). Political Prairie Fire: The Nonpartisan League, 1915–1922. University of Minnesota Press.
  • University of North Dakota; Bureau of Governmental Affairs, eds. (1979). A Compilation of North Dakota Political Party Platforms, 1884–1978. University of North Dakota, Bureau of Governmental Affairs.

Social history[edit]

  • Arends, Shirley Fischer (1989). The Central Dakota Germans: Their History, Language, and Culture. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press. ISBN 0-87840-198-9.
  • Benson, Bjorn; Hampsten, Elizabeth; Sweney, Kathryn, eds. (1988). Day In, Day Out: Women's Lives in North Dakota. University of North Dakota. ISBN 0-9608700-2-4.
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  • Sherman, William C. (1983). Prairie Mosaic: An Ethnic Atlas of Rural North Dakota. North Dakota State University. ISBN 0-911042-27-X.




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