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January 17, 1891: Young Man Afraid of His Horses and his tepee at Pine Ridge
Herb Conn dangled from the faces on Mount Rushmore each fall to do maintenance work. Circa 1961 to 1972.

The following works deal with the cultural, political, economic, military, biographical and geologic history of pre-territorial South Dakota, the southern part of Dakota Territory and the State of South Dakota.


  • Laubersheimer, Sue (1985). South Dakota Changing, Changeless, 1889-1989: A Selected Annotated Bibliography with Supplement and Index. South Dakota Humanities Council. ISBN 978-0-9632157-3-4. Recommended by the South Dakota State Archives.[1]

General histories[edit]

South Dakota Magazine. This general-interest magazine covers history, art, and current events of South Dakota.

Doane Robinson[edit]

Doane Robinson was a state historian of South Dakota and the author of several important works on the state's history through the first decade of the 1900s.

American Indian history[edit]

Gold rush and Plains Wars[edit]

Homesteading and agricultural settlement years[edit]

Economic history[edit]

  • Fite, Gilbert. "The Transformation of South Dakota Agriculture: The Effects of Mechanization, 1939–1964". South Dakota History. 19 (3: Fall 1989): 278–305.

Local studies[edit]


Political history[edit]

  • Blackorby Edward. Prairie Rebel: The Public Life of William Lemke (University of Nebraska Press, 1955)
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  • Garry, Patrick M., and Candice Spurlin. "History of the 1889 South Dakota Constitution." South Dakota Law Review 59 (2014): 14+.
  • Lamar Howard. Dakota Territory, 1861–1899: A Study in Frontier Politics (Yale University Press, 1956)
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  • Maier, Chris. "The Farmers' Fight for Representation: Third-Party Politics in South Dakota, 1889–1918." Great Plains Quarterly (2014) 34#2 pp: 143-162.
  • Miller, John E., “Defining Moments in Twentieth-century South Dakota Political History,” South Dakota History, 42 (Summer 2012), 168–90.


Societies, organizations, and collections[edit]

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