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This is a selective bibliography of Conservatism in the United States covering the key political, intellectual and organizational themes that are dealt with in Conservatism in the United States. Google Scholar produces a listing of 93,000 scholarly books and articles on "American Conservatism" published since 2000.[1] The titles below are found in the recommended further reading sections of the books and articles cited under "Surveys" and "Historiography." The "Historiography" and "Critical views" section mostly comprise items critical or hostile of American conservatism.

Kim Phillips-Fein in 2018 argued, "an entire field of scholarship has emerged to interrogate the roots, development, and persistence of modern American conservatism."[2] Robert Mason in 2015 noted:

Over the past 20 years, the emergence of modern American conservatism – no longer an orphan – has attracted a vibrant and sophisticated historiography....Among the key concerns of historians has been to explain conservatism's transition from the political and intellectual margins in the 1950s and apparent dominance by the end of the 1970s, confirmed by Ronald Reagan's 1980 victory.[3]


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Intellectual history[edit]

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Political activity[edit]

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Recent politics[edit]

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Critical views[edit]

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Social science approaches[edit]

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Primary sources[edit]

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