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Developer(s) CG Information
Stable release 8.01 / May 8, 2009
Operating system Windows
Type Bibliography manager
License Commercial

Biblioscape is a commercial information and reference management software package sold by CG Information.[1] The software runs only under Windows.


Biblioscape was first released in 1998. The current release, version 8, was made available in May 2009. Version 9 was in beta testing as of August 2011.[2]


Biblioscape is a reference management software.[3] It has modules that allow the user to record and interlink references, notes, tasks, charts, and categories. Any of these can also be linked to web pages or other external resources.[4][5] Records can be organized in folders or collections and tagged with categories.[5]

The references module includes filters to import references from online bibliographic databases (e.g. PubMed) and from journal webpages (e.g. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). When writing a paper or thesis, the user can insert temporary citations and Biblioscape can then convert them into formatted citations and generate a bibliography. For bibliographies, the user can choose from over 2,000 output styles or create new ones. The notes module is integrated with the references module, so the user can create a separately filed note from inside the reference editor. Such notes can be either independent or linked to record being edited. Biblioscape installation comes with a web server to post Biblioscape databases on the Web, and there is also a means to work in one's database remotely, if it is on a server.

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