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Codex De Sphaera - 1469 Allegory of Este and Sforza (the snake) families Coat of Arms

The Biblioteca Estense (Estense Library), was the family library of the dukes of Este. Dating to at least the 14th century,[clarification needed] it was largely enriched during Ferrara's Renaissance, and finally established in Modena in the beginning of the 17th century. It is one of the most important libraries in Italy. The library is located, along with the Galleria Estense with its collection of artworks, in the Palazzo del Musei, Largo Sant'Agostino 337


Today the Library's collection contains more than 500,000 printed works, about 11,000 codexes, more than 100,000 manuscript leaves, and 1,662 incunabula. Among the manuscripts, the most famous is the 1,200-page Bible of Borso d'Este, utterly bordered with miniatures.

The library holds many medieval manuscripts, among them biblical manuscripts: Codex Mutinensis, Minuscule 358, 359, 585, 586, 618, 111.

Also known worldwide is its collection of musical manuscripts and printed books, the Raccolta musicale estense.

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