Bibliothèque Inguimbertine

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Bibliothèque Inguimbertine
Musée Duplessis (1).jpg
Country France
Type Library
Location Carpentras
Coordinates 44°3′21″N 5°2′56″E / 44.05583°N 5.04889°E / 44.05583; 5.04889
A room in the Bibliothèque Inguimbertine

The Bibliothèque Inguimbertine is a scholarly library located in Carpentras. It was established by Joseph-Dominique d'Inguimbert, the Bishop of Carpentras from 1735 to 1754. It has been called "the oldest of our municipal libraries" by current chief librarian Jean-François Delmas. It currently contains about 220,000 books.[1]

Collection Peiresc

The library is known to bibliophiles all over France and is scheduled to move into roomier quarters in the former Hôtel-Dieu in 2013.[2][full citation needed]


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Coordinates: 44°03′21″N 5°02′56″E / 44.05583°N 5.0488°E / 44.05583; 5.0488