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Bibra may refer to:



Bodies of Water[edit]


Noble Families[edit]

  • von Bibra: a German Franconian and Thuringian family
  • von Bibra(n)-Modlau family (as in Friedrich Heinrich von Bibran-Modlau of Silesia) sometimes referred to as von Bibra. Raised to Reichsfreiherr (Imperial barons) 1624. The three sons-in-law of the apparent last male Bibran-Modlau (David Heinrich), adopted the names: 1) Block von Bibran und Modlau 2) Kölichen gen. Freiherren von Bibra u. Modlau and 3) Schönberg von Bibra und Modlau. One of the three sons-in-law (Ernst Heinrich v. Kölichen,) adopted the name and coat of arms (c. 1828) but died without sons in 1832 (see Senden-Bibran below).
  • von Senden-Bibran family (as in Gustav von Senden-Bibran) - Ludwig Freiherr von Senden adopted Bibran name after marrying the daughter (Agnes) of the eldest daughter of the apparent last von Bibran-Modlau c. 1836.