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Bicerin from Turin, Italy
TypeChocolate beverage
Country of origin Italy
Region of originPiedmont
IngredientsEspresso, drinking chocolate, milk
WebsiteCaffè al Bicerin

Bicerin (Piedmontese: [bitʃəˈɾiŋ]) is a traditional hot drink native to Turin, Italy, made of espresso, drinking chocolate, and milk served layered in a small glass.[1]


Caffè al Bicerin, a historic coffeehouse of Turin which traditionally serves bicerin

The word bicerin (Piedmontese for 'small glass') is the equivalent of Italian bicchierino (diminutive of bicchiere, lit.'glass').

This coffee beverage has existed since the 18th century and was praised by Alexandre Dumas in 1852. It is believed to be based on the 17th century drink bavarèisa ("Bavarian"): the key distinction is that in a bicerin the three components are carefully layered in the glass rather than being mixed together.

Caffè al Bicerin, which sits across from the Santuario della Consolata in Turin's piazza della Consolata, has been serving the drink since the 18th century.[2] Local lore suggests that bicerin was invented at Caffė al Bicerin or at Caffė Fiorio around 1704.


The Vincenzi Family Distillery in Turin also produces a chocolate hazelnut liqueur under this name.[3]

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