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Country India
State Bihar
District Madhubani
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)

Bichkhana is a village in Madhubani district, Bihar state, India. It is 18 km west-north from Madhubani railway station. The neighboring villages are Ektara, Jamuari, and Navkarhi.There is a small temple " Hanuman Mandir " is situated in middle of Village. Lots of religious person come in temple for worship .. Time to time various religious activity has been organised by the people.


Maithili is mainly spoken by village people of Bichkhana.

Other Information[edit]

  • Village : Bichkhana
  • Block: Benipatti
  • Police station: Anrer
  • Post office: Ektara
  • Lok sabha : Madhubani
  • Vidhan Sabha: Bisfi
  • Pin : 847222


'In Bichkhana there are several professional like Doctor , Engineer and Chartered Accountant. Only one Chartered Accountant from Bichkhana and his name is "Ashok Kumar" .He is the very ideological person in village.

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