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Joe Biden (born 1942) is the 46th president of the United States since 2021.

Biden may also refer to:

People with the surname[edit]

  • Family of Joe Biden, for more on the family of the US president
    • Valerie Biden Owens (born 1945), political strategist and sister of the president
    • Neilia Hunter Biden (1942–1972), teacher and first wife of the president
      • Beau Biden (1969–2015), Attorney General of Delaware, soldier, and son of the president
      • Hunter Biden (born 1970), businessman and son of the president
      • Kathleen Buhle, writer and former wife of Hunter Biden, known as Kathleen Biden during their marriage
        • Naomi Biden (born 1993), lawyer and granddaughter of the president
      • Melissa Cohen Biden, activist and wife of Hunter Biden
    • Jill Biden (born 1951), educator and current wife of the president
      • Ashley Biden (born 1981), social worker and daughter of the president
  • Christopher Biden (c. 1789–1858), British officer with the East India Company
  • Preston Sturges (born Edmund Preston Biden; 1898–1959), American playwright and film director

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