Bidjar rug

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Bidjar rug

Bijar (or Bidjar) Kurdish rugs are often called the Iron Rugs of Iran. The Bijar was a heavy, durable rug that has been very popular in the United States. Now the Bijar rug tends to be a finer, thinner and more Sarouk-like rug. Most Bijar Kurdish carpets are woven by Gerrus Kurds in the Bijar area while a finer copy of Bijar carpets are woven by Afshar weavers who live in the Tekab and Tekkenteppe Area in Gerus.

The Bidjar carpets can be put into the following three main categories:Traditional Bidjars, f.i. Bidjars with rose motifs, Halvai and Tahjavi-Bidjars and Afshar Bidjars.