Bids for the 1998 Winter Olympics

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Bids for the
1998 (1998) Winter Olympics
XVIII Olympic Winter Games
Missing logo.
Salt Lake City · Östersund · Anchorage · Jaca · Aosta
Committee IOC
Election venue Birmingham
97th IOC Session
Missing location of the bidding cities.
Location of the bidding cities
Important dates
Decision 15 June 1991
Winner Nagano (46 votes)
Runner-up Salt Lake City (42 votes)

The selection process for the 1998 Winter Olympics consisted of five bids, and saw Nagano, Japan, be selected ahead of Salt Lake City, United States; Östersund, Sweden; Jaca, Spain; and Aosta, Italy. The selection was made at the 97th IOC Session in Birmingham, United Kingdom, on 15 June 1991.[1]

The Nagano Olympic bid committee spent approximately $14 million to entertain the 62 International Olympic Committee members and many of their companions. The precise figures are unknown since Nagano, after the IOC asked that the entertainment expenditures not be made public, destroyed the financial records.[2][3]


IOC voting[1]
City Country Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Nagano Japan 21 30 36 46
Salt Lake City United States 15 59 27 29 42
Östersund Sweden 18 25 23
Jaca Spain 19 5
Aosta Italy 15 29


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