Biel–Magglingen Funicular

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Car dating from 2001
Bridge just above the lower station

The Biel–Magglingen Funicular (German:Magglingenbahn; French:Funiculaire Bienne–Macolin) is a funicular railway in the bilingual city of Biel/Bienne in the Swiss canton of Bern. The funicular links Biel/Bienne with Magglingen/Macolin in the Jura mountains above the town.[1]

The line is operated by the FUNIC company, who also operate the nearby Bienne–Evilard Funicular.[1]


The line has the following parameters:[1]

Number of cars 2
Number of stops 2 (at terminals)
Configuration Single track with passing loop
Track length 1,693 metres (5,554 ft)
Track gauge (?)
Rise 442 metres (1,450 ft)
Maximum gradient 32%
Maximum speed 6 metres per second (19.7 ft/s)
Travel time 9 minutes

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Coordinates: 47°08′15″N 7°13′28″E / 47.137366°N 7.224541°E / 47.137366; 7.224541