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The Biella Synagogue is an early 17th-century synagogue in Biella, Italy.

The synagogue occupies the top floor of a medieval house at Vicolo del Bellone 3, in the heart of the historic Jewish quarter. It is a modestly sized, rectangular room with Baroque decoration, a central Bimah and an ornate, seventeenth century, Baroque Torah Ark.[1]

In 2009 a 350,000 Euro restoration, overseen by the Jewish community in Vercelli and funded from the Piedmont Region and by donations from a number of sources, including a local bank, completed the repair of the roof, and restoration of the Torah Ark, women's gallery and interior. Further restoration work is planned.[2]

The Biella Synagogue is one of about sixteen that survive in Piedmont, including the Synagogue of Casale Monferrato and the Vercelli Synagogue.[2]


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Coordinates: 45°33′56″N 8°02′42″E / 45.565491°N 8.045117°E / 45.565491; 8.045117