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The Bierpinsel (beer brush) is a building in the Steglitz neighborhood of Berlin. It has a height of 46 meters with a shape resembling that of an observation tower - the original architectural idea was that of a tree shape. It was built from 1972 to 1976.

The building has three floors usually equipped with restaurants and a night club. The history of its business usage is long and filled with bankruptcies and short periods of closure. In 2002 the building was sold as it required costly reconstruction. The location is very prominent at the Schloßstraße metro station (Palace Street, the main street of Steglitz) and Filandastraße highway exit close to the Steglitzer Kreisel shopping center.

The Bierpinsel has been closed since April 2006. The new owner wants to rebuild the entire area with a new entrance building. The plans have been criticized as they will also rework the tower restaurant, with a golden exterior that will probably destroy the traditional pop-art appearance that made it famous. Likewise the name will change back to a neutral variant - the building first opened as "Turmrestaurant Steglitz" (Tower Restaurant Steglitz).

In the Netflix series Dogs of Berlin, the Bierpinsel is featured as the headquarters of the Berlin state police (Landeskriminalamt-Berlin).

Turmkunst 2010[edit]

Starting in April 2010, several prominent graffiti artists painted the exterior of the structure over several weeks, as part of the Turmkunst (Tower art) 2010 project - an exhibition of street-art taking place both in and around the tower.[1]


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