Bieszczady County

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Bieszczady County

Powiat bieszczadzki
Flag of Bieszczady County
Coat of arms of Bieszczady County
Coat of arms
Location within the voivodeship
Location within the voivodeship
Coordinates (Ustrzyki Dolne): 49°26′N 22°36′E / 49.433°N 22.600°E / 49.433; 22.600Coordinates: 49°26′N 22°36′E / 49.433°N 22.600°E / 49.433; 22.600
Country Poland
VoivodeshipPOL województwo podkarpackie flag.svg Subcarpathian
SeatUstrzyki Dolne
 • Total1,138.17 km2 (439.45 sq mi)
 • Total22,213
 • Density20/km2 (51/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Rural
Car platesRBI

Bieszczady County (Polish: powiat bieszczadzki) is a unit of territorial administration and local government (powiat) in Subcarpathian Voivodeship, in the extreme south-east of Poland, on the border with Ukraine. It takes its name from the Bieszczady mountain range. The county was created on January 1, 1999, as a result of the Polish local government reforms passed in 1998. In 2002 the western part of the county was split off to form Lesko County. The only town in Bieszczady County is now Ustrzyki Dolne, the county seat, which lies 80 kilometres (50 mi) south-east of the regional capital Rzeszów.

The county covers an area of 1,138.17 square kilometres (439.4 sq mi). As of 2006 its total population is 22,213, of which the population of Ustrzyki Dolne is 9,478 and the rural population is 12,735. Its average population density of 19.5 persons per square kilometre (50.5 per square mile) makes it the least densely populated county in Poland.

The county includes the greater part of Bieszczady National Park (Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy), and of the Polish part of the UNESCO-designated East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve.

Neighbouring counties[edit]

Bieszczady County is bordered by Lesko County to the west and Przemyśl County to the north. It also borders Ukraine to the east and south.

Administrative division[edit]

The county is subdivided into three gminas (one urban-rural and two rural). These are listed in the following table, in descending order of population.

Gmina Type Area
Gmina Ustrzyki Dolne urban-rural 477.7 17,623 Ustrzyki Dolne
Gmina Czarna rural 184.6 2,393 Czarna
Gmina Lutowiska rural 475.9 2,197 Lutowiska


Rural landscape picture[edit]

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Waldkarpaten SineWiry.jpg
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